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One of the biggest priorities of this company is to provide quality services without excepting security of the cargos and employees. Our long-term co-operations with other companies can definitely prove how reliable and qualitative our services are.

Precautions for accidents.

Use of simulation program

Specifically, in heavy objects transports the cargo is simulated in a PC program. Using that way we are able to track the best position on trailer for the heavy object.

Route Review.

Before we start any transport we decided to supervise the routes we can follow so we can make the safest choice. Furthermore, we have made a list of bridges and their heights in our national web and depending on cargo’s height we choose the suitable trailer.

Certified means of lashing

Everything we use to lash cargos (chains, straps) are constructed in Europe and they are certified.


All transports are being held providing security of cargos up to 300.000€. For greater value of cargos we raise the insured amount for this specific transport.